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Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Recruitment and Consulting



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Permanent and Part Time Placements

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Based in Glastonbury, Connecticut
Est. 2009

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Your Medical Practice or Organization has
to balance more than ever before.


Patient Outcomes



Patient Volume


Work / Life Balance


We can help

  • Since 2009, Diagnostics Consulting and Recruiting has assisted our clients within medical practices, hospitals, and multispecialty groups successfully find, qualify, and hire more than 700 Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (NP)

  • Our Mission Statement:  With ethics and trust as a foundation, assist our clients find, qualify,

      and hire NP and PA providers for long-term employment, while also developing and maintaining

      long-term client relationships.

  • Diagnostics has assisted clients in hiring Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant candidates within almost every specialty, inpatient and outpatient and more. We routinely work directly with Physicians, Practice/Office Managers, HR Managers, Nurses, and many others.

  • Diagnostics is a Permanent Placement Contingency recruitment firm, we will never bill a client for

       any reason, unless we successfully find a PA or NP, and that Provider begins working for our client. 

Whether you work

Here's how it works

Let's Talk About Your Needs

What kind of NP or PA are you looking for?


  • Each PA and NP provider has a unique set of clinical skills, experiences, and certifications.

       It's important to find the right one. 

  • A quick phone call or email with Diagnostics will uncover your exact needs. We'll handle the rest.

  • Diagnostics provides a full range of consulting services at no additional cost.


  • Timelines, expectations, candidate updates, and other guidance are all provided along the way.


Diagnostics Goes To Work

Finding, screening, and evaluating candidates is a time-consuming task that can last for many months.  With no results.

  • Diagnostics uses a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to find PA and NP candidates.

  • We've compiled the database and resources necessary to efficiently and quickly find candidates for our clients.

  • Diagnostics speaks to every candidate before they're presented to our clients, and provides full synopsis of every relevant conversation.


  • Diagnostics can collect candidate references, availability, and will assist in scheduling phone or in-person interviews.

Consultation and Guidance 

No two placements are the same.

  • Diagnostics understands you're competing for PA and NP candidates.


  • Our guidance and consultation can instantly give your medical practice or organization an advantage over others when attracting candidates.

  • With more than 700 successfully placed PA and NP providers, we know the most efficient way to navigate the recruitment process. 

  • Expert salary and compensation advice, specific to PA and NP providers your geographic area.  

  • With the right guidance and consultations, most placements times can be significantly decreased.

Keep Your Focus Get Results

Regain control of recruiting costs

  • Immediately return to the core tasks of your medical practice or organization.

  • Immediately stop spending money on advertising.

  • Clients are only billed when an NP or PA candidate is successfully hired, and begins working.

  • Diagnostics does not bill clients based on a candidate's "1st year salary". Therefore, we're able to offer honest NP and PA salary and compensation advice.

  • Get the results more quickly, more efficiently, and with the right guidance and assistance. 

Pricing, Guarantee, and more.

Diagnostics offers a Contingency Placement Service.

Everything Below Is Included - For One Flat Rate Fee

No Placement, No Payment - Ever
One Low, Flat Rate Fee
90-day Guarantee on Any Hired PA or NP Candidate
Net 30 Payment - Payment Plans Available

Step-By-Step Guidance, Consulting, and Expertise throughout the Recruitment Process

Detailed Phone Screening and Synopsis Provided for Every Candidate

Phone Call / Interview Scheduling 

Expert Salary and Compensation Advice

No Cost Employer / Employee Agreements 

Reference Collecting

Background and License Verification

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